Just a Kid Who Got In Too Deep

Last nug of this beautiful Green Crack from The Secret Stash down in So Cal. Won’t find ultra quality like this till I go back home 😞

Wu-Tang Clan - Slow Blues


It’s #tooheadytuesday again! Did you know it’s also Teddy Bear Day?! @miss__greenthumb is celebrating both with her @mullerglass Teddy Bear rig and @oilslick Duo! •Be sure to tag all your photos containing Oil Slick products with #oilslick #dabs & @oilslick to be part of the daily Oil Slick shoutout•

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Me: *during sex* ....i think i hear someone coming....
girl: ....who?
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An 11-year-old cancer survivor is raising money to create a prototype of her new invention, the “Chemo Backpack,” which is a portable IV machine that allows kids to walk around without towing a heavy IV pole. Source

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Scientists studying ancient evolutionary changes recently trained a group of fish to walk on land. Over a period of 8 months, the shape of their bodies changed as they adjusted to the terrestrial lifestyle. Source

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